Electric vs. Gas Tankless Water Heater

We’re going to talk about the gas products we’re going to talk about actually a new tankless water heater condensing tankless water heater but we got to walk over there and don’t forget if you do have questions about anything we’re covering here today go ahead and use that chat feature which is on the right-hand side of your screen just type that question in and we’ll get to it as soon as we get done with gas so let’s go over there all right okay.

So we’ve talked about electric that the the different technology and electric now let’s talk about gas there may be a situation where you’re gonna have to get as you know change technologies and when it comes to gas water heaters reviews so we have you know tankless and we’ve been manufacturing Texas for a while but usually you’re looking at something like you know 199 thousand BTU 540 model which is right here now this is a condensing tankless water heater but we’re offering a new tankless water heater which is actually a hundred and twenty thousand BTU the 140 that’s right and the nice thing about the 120,000 BTU is we can actually use that with most half-inch gas lines that are already in so on a retrofit we’ve got a half inch gas line run yeah this will accept the half-inch where the one hundred ninety nine thousand BTUs we needed a lot more fuel so we had a minimum of three-quarter inch and you really had to be specific you might have had to do some resizing.

So this is gonna fit in a lot more applications yeah because it’ll fit in with using the same gas line that you had before which is it’s just great in a in a in a in a situation where you’re just pulling out an old one is putting in a new one now this is a very efficient water heater this is a condensing water heater so we’re looking at the the what are the efficiencies on this this one is in the low 90s so it’s more than ninety percent efficient so a lot of the heat energy that we’re from burning the gas is going into the water we’re not losing very much at all out of the flue okay so that’s why it actually condensates so we’re putting that heat that’s why the the vent temperatures aren’t as high we’re able to use PVC pipe if you look up there we’ve got PVC pipe on there and since they’re not that high where we’re putting all of that heat into the water so it cools those flue temperatures off and we actually cool them off to where we’re making rain and we have condensation absolutely because we’re using PVC we want to keep those flue temperatures underneath 140 degrees yeah the way we do that is really neat yeah that would that means my next how does this thing work let’s talk about that we’re gonna bring our cold water in here we get that out of the way and we’re gonna go to our flow sensor.

That’s going to register the half again on the floor 0.5 GPM that we need to started then we’re gonna go up here to our secondary heat exchanger that’s the first place we’re taking the water so why do we call it the secondary heat exchanger yeah because our primary heat exchanger where we’re burning gas here we’re extracting heat in this copper heat exchanger so we’re already cooled to flue gases okay so to get a little bit more heat out of those flue gasses we’re gonna take those colder flue gasses or cooler flue gases with the coldest incoming water gets us about 12% more efficient yeah so that’s gonna add to the efficiency on that that water heater alright so you’ve got 12 percent is being scrubbed off of this the secondary heat exchange so while water is passing through there first going to our primary and actually after it’s running for a little bit this will kind of preheat that water coming through the primary kind of pre heats it so that we’ve got warmer water hitting that copper heat exchanger so we don’t have to worry about condensing with super cold water hitting that copper right away yeah and a tankless water heaters hot water.

When you need it that’s what one of the things about it when it will be in standby unless you turn on a hot water faucet and this water heater needs to see 0.5 gallons a minute to initiate you know to startup so it’s gonna have to see that with the flow sensor it’s gonna see that point 5 gallons I mean it’s going to start running it’ll maintain around a point 4 gallons a minute but it needs point 5 to see it so it’s only when you need it now there’s a difference between instantaneous hot water and you know on demand there’s a difference yeah a lot of people might be able to misconception that this is gonna provide hot water immediately when you turn on the fixture and that’s not the case we still have to get the hot water from the heater out to the fixture and this takes a few seconds about 10 to 15 seconds to startup and actually start putting that hot water out okay all right now there are a few different things that kind of set us apart from other manufacturers of tankless water heaters and that’s kind of one of the things.

I wanted to talk about the first thing is the the air fuel ratio sensor now that’s it’s also obviously it’s measuring the air and the fuel and making sure it’s burning complete but let’s talk about that and you know kind of how that works well we want a good clean burn so that we know that we’re getting efficient to use out of the energy that we’re putting in burning all the gassing and getting as much heat out of this possible so this is gonna monitor that we know what the combustion value should be based on our input the computer board is is monitoring their temperatures it’s monitoring how much gas we’re putting in if it doesn’t see that clean combustion this water heater will actually try to take steps it will alter it will improve increase or decrease my fan speed to lean or rich in the combustion to try and get that perfect burn so it’s doing what it can if you’re in a situation where you know our gas isn’t adequate because we’re you’re looking at this we got to have the right amount of gas the grass pressure needs to be correct.

Bathroom Toilet Building Code Violation – New Cabinet Installation Creates Problems

Today, we are going to share all about toilet building code violation. If you have installed a crappy toilet, having clogs, or some water issues. You should definitely buy a new toilet. Check BEST TOILET reviews on Shop Toilet. Here’s something that you might run into if you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom in the future and again I run into some of these problems every once in a while and they stick out like a sore thumb your bathroom has certain building codes that it needs to follow and your toilet is part of this building.

Code system most building codes require a 15-inch minimum clearance between the wall cabinet bathtub any other objects there’s got to be 15 inches from the center line of the toilet the center of the toilet to a wall or cabinet now this toilet here actually had 15 inches from the surface to the center of the toilet but and I’m sure that originally the bathroom had met local building codes.

The house wouldn’t have passed inspection but here’s what usually happened someone comes in and they install a new cabinet, and the cabinet is a little longer than the last cabinet and they think what the heck it fits in there. I’m putting it in but they you need to take that into consideration make sure that your cabinets are at least 15 inches away from the center of the toilet this usually requires a 30 inch space overall distance between the wall and the cabinet but again the toilet wouldn’t need to be in the center of this space,

If you applied that type of logic so again when you’re doing your bathroom planning even when you’re you now getting ready to buy your cabinet make sure make sure that your cabinet meets these requirements and again you might need to check with your local building department to get more the information they might require something completely different you.

Reveal more tankless water heater reviews before you buy water heater

If you want to buy the best tankless water heater, it is good to make use of tankless water heater reviews so that they can guide you on how and where to get the best appliance. Reviews will guide you on what to look for in a water heater. Before you embark to buy the real appliance, it is recommendable you check on the past clients’ report over the tankless water heater. This will help you decide if you really want to buy it. Their satisfaction level will determine if you will purchase or not. If they were satisfied by the services of this heater, you can buy it and if they were not, then you can decide to buy a different one.

Tankless water heater reviews will help you to find the right size of tankless water heater you need. There are a number of companies that manufacture water heaters from whom you can buy these appliances. These companies manufacture different sizes of water heaters from which you can select. When you make use of reviews, you will be able to know the rights size of water heater you need to serve you effectively. The size of heater you pick will depend on the size of your household and the amount you are ready to spend.

Another good thing about tankless water heater reviews is that they will help you to find quality water heater at cheap price. When you read reports left by past clients you will be able to know where they bought their products. There are a number of websites that you can find information on how and where to find cheap but quality water heaters. When on these websites, it is advisable you read what other people said over the products they bought. Know if they were satisfied with the tankless water heaters they bought. Different companies will sell these products at different prices. All you need to get a quality product is to take your time and be patient.

Tankless water heater reviews will help you know what you need to install tankless water heaters effectively. Installing a water heater is not a cakewalk job. It is a process that needs skills. Reviews will guide you on where to get specialists in this area. People who have used experts to install their heaters will always leave reports on where they found these experts. This is why you need to take your time to read the same so that you know where to find experts to install your tankless water heater. It is good to be keen and take your time to shop for a professional to help you fix your heater. This will ensure it is in a state of serving you for a long time.

Choosing the best tankless water heater model for your home or business will be a good deal. This will be a product that will ensure you bath comfortably even if the temperatures are adverse. To have this pleasure you need to make use of tankless water heater reviews so that you get the best.

Learn How to Create Quality Articles Keeping SEO in Mind

Anybody with the right skills and writing ability can create an article, but when you’re writing for the web, you have to remember that it’s different. It’s important that your write for your readers as well as the search engines. When your article fails to rank within the search engines for your keywords, it means that you are missing out on a lot of free traffic that could be coming your way. If you’re looking to not only get your article published online but also to reach the widest possible audience then you’re going to have to invest some time and effort towards SEO for your articles.

Spend a Little Time Exploring Keyword Phrases: Come up with about 20 to 30 keyword phrases that you can use in your articles, rotating them around. Include the keyword phrase in the article’s title once you’ve come up with a witty and informative article idea.

You’re not going to be able to understand the science behind search engine optimization until you play around with it a little on your own. It’s probable that you will make more than a few mistakes this way but you’ll learn a lot about keyword placement from those mistakes.

Use Proper Grammar in the Title: Search engines put a lot of emphasis on the title of the webpage. This is because this is usually the first thing that they see when they are searching for a specific keyword and stumble upon a website.

If your title does not have the proper grammar, then it will most definitely give the wrong message to the searchers that find your website because of the search engines. Even if you do get ranked for your targeted keyword, your visitor count will fall because of this one mistake. So be doubly sure about keeping your title grammatically apt.

Do Not Misspell Keywords on Purpose: There is a trend that a lot of article marketers are doing in which they like to stuff their articles with keywords that are spelled incorrectly just so that they can get ranked for these words. The bad thing is that the traffic you get from this type of spelling error is not a large amount.In addition, it puts in jeopardy the overall quality of the article and makes it seem unprofessional. Who would want to look at an article that contained plenty of spelling errors? You know what you were trying to do, but not your reader.

So they will just turn away from your order and search for the keyword spelled the right way. In conclusion, optimizing your articles for the search engines is a good first step if you want to make sure that you get regular traffic from the articles that you write.

Once you have gotten a good ranking in the search engines (like Google), you will be able to expand your business’s reach and target lots of other keywords that can bring in extra traffic through the articles you create. The real secret to success in terms of optimizing your articles is to focus your attention on the key elements and make sure that your articles stand out from everyone else’s by writing them not just for the readers but for the search engines as well.

The Right Way to Write Article Titles

All titles for any content are vital, and of course that applies especially to article titles. Every article marketer knows the value of having powerful titles. The only way to get an idea about the article being interesting or not is the very first thing that is read – and you know what that is. However, that is only the very first hurdle you need to pass, but if you can accomplish that much then that is a great start. You must know what you are doing and why when it comes to article titles, and that is the subject of this article.


Before you start working on your article’s title, try to understand and identify who you’re writing the article for. Knowing your target audience makes a big difference because when you know who’s going to read your article, you can use that to your advantage in your article’s title. It really doesn’t matter what kind of people you’re aiming with your article, as long as you know what interests them. You can use that information as you write titles, and that is the best way to go. Remember to keep your article titles simple and to the point, and simply tell your readers what works the best and keep it at that.


The title is meant to inform and give people a solid idea of what is in it for them. Don’t use too many bells and whistles for no reason, and we have seen a lot of article writers have this misconception that by making their article title sound sophisticated, they’ll get more readers. Readers vote with their time, and that is what you are asking them for with your titles.


If you feel it’s suitable for your article, then try using a “question title.” Questions cause something to shift in the reader’s mind. Readers will be curious about the answer to the question you asked in the title. And this will make him read your article further, which is the best part. You don’t really want a question with a simple answer like “yes” or “no,” but one that requires some elaboration.


Questions often make people want to know something, which is perfect for an article title. You should make the most out of every single article you write and publish. You want to maximize the potential of each and every article you write. A good title will immediately make your article more noteworthy. It might not seem like a very important part of the article at first, but as you go on, you’ll realize that it’s crucial.

Once you know what kind of titles are working for your type of articles, it’ll become easier for you. Just make sure you give your article titles the attention they deserve. Make it simple, don’t complicate things and you shall be fine.Henry Taylor can be described as a fat reduction specialist and enjoys coaching individuals exactly how to lose fat. Head to this site: fast weight loss diet plan for women. You will see a lot of weight loss tactics.