Month: July 2017

Bathroom Toilet Building Code Violation – New Cabinet Installation Creates Problems

Today, we are going to share all about toilet building code violation. If you have installed a crappy toilet, having clogs, or some water issues. You should definitely buy a new toilet. Check BEST TOILET reviews on Shop Toilet. Here’s something that you might run into if you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom in the future and again I run into some of these problems every once in a while and they stick out like a sore thumb your bathroom has certain building codes that it needs to follow and your toilet is part of this building.

Code system most building codes require a 15-inch minimum clearance between the wall cabinet bathtub any other objects there’s got to be 15 inches from the center line of the toilet the center of the toilet to a wall or cabinet now this toilet here actually had 15 inches from the surface to the center of the toilet but and I’m sure that originally the bathroom had met local building codes.

The house wouldn’t have passed inspection but here’s what usually happened someone comes in and they install a new cabinet, and the cabinet is a little longer than the last cabinet and they think what the heck it fits in there. I’m putting it in but they you need to take that into consideration make sure that your cabinets are at least 15 inches away from the center of the toilet this usually requires a 30 inch space overall distance between the wall and the cabinet but again the toilet wouldn’t need to be in the center of this space,

If you applied that type of logic so again when you’re doing your bathroom planning even when you’re you now getting ready to buy your cabinet make sure make sure that your cabinet meets these requirements and again you might need to check with your local building department to get more the information they might require something completely different you.